Heat and Mass Transfer

Conduction through slab

Application of Fourier’s Law of conduction Assumptions:→  Steady state Heat Transfer → Temperature, T ≠ f(Time) at a particular point.→ One dimensional conduction→Uniform thermal conductivity ‘k’ Case1: Conduction through a slab T = f(x)Boundary Conditionsat x = 0, T = T1at x = b , T = T2from fourier’s law of conduction q = -kA dT/dxqdx = …

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Laws of Heat Transfer

Fourier’s law of conduction Rate of heat transfer by conduction along a given direction is directly poportional to the area of the heat transfer lying perpendicular to the direction of heat transfer. In the above expression, -ve sign denotes that as x↑ T↓ “Heat always flows in direction of downhill of temperature.” k is thermal conductivity. …

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