Force exerted by Fluid (Kinematics and Dynamics of Flow Part-6)

Here in this topic we will be discussing two things
1. Force exerted by fluid on Bend
2. Discharge through large Orifice

1. Force Exerted by fluid on Bend

When the fluid is passing through a bend there will be some forces that will be applied by the bend.
Let’s found out the expression.
In above figure we will calculate the forces in X & Y direction

Net force on fluid in X-direction = Rate of change of momentum in X-direction

Net force on fluid in Y-direction = Rate of change of momentum in Y-direction

Net force will be given by 

2. Discharge through large Rectangular Orifice

Let’s assume a container filled with fluid, There is a rectangular cutout at some height and the fluid will come out from that cutout.
Let’s found out the expression for discharge through the cutout.
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